My Philosophy

I have been in the field of nutrition and weight management for over 25 years, conducting clinical research, treating patients, and teaching nutrition to medical students and doctors. Over the course of my career, I have tested various weight management strategies in order to identify which ones will effectively enable patients to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. I have trained other physicians to communicate and implement successful weight loss solutions for their own patients. In conjunction with other doctors and scientists, I have helped to create a subspecialty in medicine called Obesity Medicine, which I continue to support through clinical research.

Last year, I led a team of experts in publishing a set of guidelines for doctors, outlining the medications that assist in weight loss, as well as those that promote weight gain. I was also a member of the team responsible for publishing the National Obesity Guidelines, which help physicians to choose the right diet for their patients, and to identify which of their patients should be referred for bariatric surgery.

My mission is to make effective weight loss strategies and tools accessible to all those who need them. On this site you will find educational materials, recipes, and advice for patients and doctors alike. I have developed each principle at The Center for Nutrition and Weight Management at Boston University Medical Center.  I am cofounder of Science-Smart LLC, created to bring doctors and patients scientifically-supported weight loss aids and information. I am able to fully support these products, as I implemented my research and clinical experience into every step of the development and production processes. All of my proceeds from Science-Smart, as well as the royalties from my books, are donated to organizations that continue researching effective weight loss strategies.

The tools I have developed with my collaborators at Boston University School of Medicine, Boston Medical Center, The Obesity Society, the Endocrine Society, and fellow physicians and researchers, provide a proven and safe method of weight loss. While our solution is certainly not the only one, it is my hope that the work we have done will reach a broader audience through this site. As you navigate it, I welcome your feedback. I am deeply grateful for the physicians, institutions, and scientists dedicated to weight management around the world, and I firmly believe that our collective fight against obesity will make significant societal changes in the near future.

Caroline M Apovian MD FACN FACP