Best Crutches For Knee Surgery

10 Best Crutches For Knee Surgery 2021 – Reviews

Crutches are a type of walking aids that are available in the form of a stick and come with support handles. You can use crutches if you recently underwent knee surgery because of an injury or any other underlying health condition.

You can also use crutches in case of a leg or foot injury as they are specially designed to reduce the amount of weight and pressure that would fall on the injured lower body part. However, with many types of crutches available in the market, finding the right one can be difficult.

Therefore, to help you find the crutches that would provide you with maximum comfort after going through knee surgery, we have mentioned below some of the best crutches for knee surgery that are highly comfortable and the best ones in the market.

Best Crutches For Knee Surgery

After conducting extensive research, we have short-listed some of the best crutches for knee surgery that are available in the market. The following crutches would provide you maximum comfort along with upper body strength.

1. Hugo Mobility 721 – 785 Lightweight Adjustable Aluminium Crutches

Hugo Mobility 721 – 785 Lightweight Adjustable Aluminium Crutches

Your search for a lightweight yet durable adult crutch has come to an end as the Hugo Mobility crutches are among the best adult crutches available in the market. They are very light in weight. In fact, they are lighter than wood as they are made up of anodized aluminum.

Despite being light in weight, the adult crutches have the ability to carry weight up to 300 pounds without collapsing, making them a great support aid for long-term use. In addition to it, the crutches are highly adjustable as they are suitable for a person whose height falls between 5 ft. to 6 ft.

Most importantly, the Hugo Mobility lightweight adjustable aluminum crutches are highly durable as the tip of the crutches includes a curved stair deflector. The stair deflector would make sure that the user doesn’t face any difficulty while taking the stairs.

In addition to it, the crutches also include underarm pads that would ensure the user doesn’t face any pain in the underarms because of constantly using the crutches. Also, there is a metal ring attached to it to prevent them from wearing from constant use.

Most importantly, the handgrips that are included in the crutches are made up of a natural sponge. The ergonomic grip provided by the sponge also acts as a shock absorber and can resist perspiration.


  • Made up of lightweight aluminum
  • Durable and weight-bearing
  • Adjustable height
  • Built-in metal ring
  • Includes underarm pads
  • Makes use of a curved stair deflector
  • Washable hand grip
  • Can absorb shock


  • Suitable for people falling within the particular height range
  • Not foldable or travel-friendly

2. Carex Underarm And Folding Crutches

Carex Underarm And Folding Crutches

Crutches can be difficult to carry from one place to another if they are not foldable or adjustable. However, that’s not the case with the underarm crutches provided by Carex. You can carry these folding crutches anywhere and increase your travel area.

The crutches are made of aluminum which is light in weight and durable at the same time. However, it has a low weight-bearing capacity as the maximum amount of weight it can hold is 250 lbs, making it one of the best crutches for use by children.

You can opt for the underarm crutches provided by Carex if you’re looking for a crutch for your child, as it includes underarm pads as well. The pads would provide comfort to your child and won’t stop him from walking anywhere and exploring new places.

The underarm crutches would also speed up your recovery rate as they are one of the best crutches available in the market. Since they can be carried almost everywhere and can be stored easily, you can take them with you while traveling and make sure that the recovery process is not interrupted in any way.


  • Folding crutches
  • Can be used by kids with ease
  • Reduce pain in the arm
  • Light in weight yet durable
  • Can be stored easily
  • Travel-friendly


  • Can’t carry much weight
  • Not suitable for adults

3. Medline MDS805161 Aluminum Forearm Crutches

Medline MDS805161 Aluminum Forearm Crutches

The Medline Aluminum Forearm Crutches are one of the most durable and best crutches available in the market. They are made up of high-wall aluminum tubing that provides them with a tremendous amount of strength. They have a weight-bearing capacity of 250 lbs.

If you’re searching for a pair of crutches that would help you reduce your pain and make sure that you recover on time while not making noise in the entire process, you should definitely check out the Medline Aluminum Forearm Crutches.

The telescoping parts that are used in the crutch already include internal bushings and external lock nuts that reduce the noise made by it to a great extent while moving around. This amazing feature wouldn’t distract the user from walking and let them enjoy the walk.

In addition to it, the inclusion of arm cuffs would reduce the pain faced by the user. The cuffs are coated with vinyl and tapered. Moreover, the black components used in it help in maintaining its aesthetic by reducing wear and tear.


  • Durable
  • Internal bushings and external lock nuts
  • Ensures totally silent usage
  • Includes special cuffs for arms


  • Low weight bearing crutch
  • Can’t be folded

4. iWalk 2.0 Hands-Free And Pain-Free Crutch

iWalk 2.0 Hands-Free And Pain-Free Crutch

Most of the crutches available in the market are most of the time available in pairs. Also, most of them are not suitable for someone who has undergone ankle surgery because the user’s weight does fall on the ankle in one way or another.

However, the iWalk 2.0 crutch is an exception to the case above. The hands-free crutch is best suited for people who have undergone ankle surgery and are looking for a crutch for short-term use.

The crutch can be worn on any leg and provides various adjustable features. You can adjust the upper and lower height of the crutch in an independent manner. In addition to it, the adjustable strap, along with the non-slip feature provided by the crutch, ensures safe traveling.

So, if you’re someone who likes to do all of their work on your own, then you should definitely try this one crutch at least once. Most importantly, the iWalk 2.0 crutch falls within an affordable price range and won’t require you to use any fancy or complex tool during its assembly.


  • Don’t need to use your hands
  • Best alternative to crutches
  • Available as one crutch
  • Adjustable strap and height


  • Can’t use it for a long time
  • Crutch has a low weight-bearing capacity
  • Not suitable for people with certain health conditions

5. Drive Medical Tall Adult Walking Crutches

Drive Medical Tall Adult Walking Crutches

You should check out the adult walking crutches provided by Drive Medical if you want to increase your recovery process and stop using crutches as soon as possible. They are made up of aluminum and are, therefore, light in weight and easy to carry.

Despite being extremely light in weight, the adult crutches are quite durable as they have a weight-bearing capacity of more than 300 lbs. In addition to it, they are durable and don’t slip as they use different colored, large rubber tips that are available.

If you’re for an underarm crutch that won’t cause arm pain, then you should check out the best crutches provided by Drive Medical. They provide an underarm pad along with a handgrip that ensures the safety of the users.

In addition to it, the handgrip is adjustable and can bend up to 10 inches around your elbow with ease. The adjustable grip would allow you to move anywhere outdoors, especially on rough surfaces, with ease.


  • Light in weight yet durable
  • Doesn’t slip
  • Make use of rubber tip
  • Includes underarm pad
  • Adjustable hand grip
  • Increase the speed of recovery


  • Not foldable
  • Difficult to find the right one as per height

6. Ergobaum 7G Crutches By Ergoactives

Ergobaum 7G Crutches By Ergoactives

The Ergobaum prime crutches are one of the best crutches available in the market. They provide the most amount of safety features compared to that provided by any other crutches. It has ergonomic and adjustable features along with the ability to absorb shock, among others.

The crutches are made up of aluminum that contributes to their durability. In addition to it, they are foldable, making them easy to carry and extremely travel-friendly. Most importantly, the non-slip feature included in it would prevent users from falling.

If you’re looking for a crutch that would allow your knee to rest and makes use of LED lights, then you should check out the Ergobaum prime crutches. The LED lights not only provide it with aesthetics but also function in sync with the alert buttons.

They also provide additional cuffs that can be adjusted along with the height of the crutches. Also, the performance tips placed at the bottom of the crutches act as shock absorbers and maintain their performance.


  • Light in weight yet durable
  • Can use it for a long time
  • Speeds up recovery
  • Adjustable handles and cuffs
  • Shock absorbers
  • Doesn’t slip
  • Includes knee rest
  • Issues alert as well


  • Expensive as compared to others

7. Mobilegs Ultra Crutches

Mobilegs Ultra Crutches

The Mobilegs Ultra crutches are one of the best crutches whose legs are available in an offset form. The unique placement of the legs in an offset form makes sure that the users don’t trip while trying to stand with the crutch and also offers hip clearance.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is suffering from a hip problem and undergoes knee surgery, then crutches by Mobilegs Ultra are the best option for you. They are highly adjustable and can successfully carry around 300 lbs of weight.

The ergonomic hand grip included in it would help you in maintaining a natural and comfortable wrist angle. Moreover, it would also make sure that your weight is evenly distributed across the palm and not solely on the wrists.

Most importantly, its unique saddle design would help you quickly recover from the surgery as it would rotate in sync with any movement that you would make, not harming any soft tissues.


  • Offset form
  • Ergonomic and adjustable design
  • Durable
  • Unique saddle design


  • It is not foldable
  • Expensive when compared to others

8. The Life Crutch By Millennial Medical Store

If you’re in search of a crutch that multiple people in your family can use, then the universal life crutch by Millennial Medical store is the one for you. It can easily support your weight, given that it is equal to or less than 300 lbs.

The crutch has various useful and safety features, such as articulating tips that would allow users to travel on rough, uneven surfaces with ease. The ergonomic hand grip provided by it would help your wrists and arms stay in a natural position, reducing pain.

The design also helps in improving the posture of the users by not allowing them to lean but rather allowing them to walk normally. In addition to it, the extra padding makes sure that you don’t feel too much pressure on your underarms by reducing the friction between the surfaces.

These features allow the crutch to speed up your recovery process and get rid of crutches as soon as possible. However, these crutches are not suitable for use for a long time.


  • Durable
  • Universal crutches
  • Ergonomic hand grip
  • Articulating tips
  • Speeds up recovery
  • Improves body posture


  • Can’t use it for a longer period
  • Can’t fold or carry it

9. In-Motion Pro Foldable Crutches

In-Motion Pro Foldable Crutches

The In-motion pro crutches are one of the best folding crutches that you’ll come across. Its new and unique design uses a double-reinforced strut and a cylinder bracket that increases its strength and durability.

The crutches are made up of heavy-duty construction and have an extraordinary capacity to carry a weight of up to 500 lbs without breaking. Moreover, the spring-assisted arm crutches would absorb strains from your arm while walking and reduce the sound made by them.

Most importantly, they have been designed ergonomically, allowing you to keep your arms and wrists in their natural position. Also, since it is foldable, you can fold and store it anywhere, making it a travel-friendly support.

Moreover, the use of foam rubber pads at the underarms provides you comfort. So, if you’re in search of a crutch that would help you improve your posture and increase your recovery rate without causing any trouble, then In-motion pro foldable crutches are the one for you.


  • Foldable crutches
  • Unique design and extremely durable
  • Easy to carry and travel-friendly
  • Ergonomic handles are spring-assisted
  • Increase the rate of recovery
  • Improve your posture
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Expensive as compared to others

10. DMI Crutches With Handgrips And Accessories

DMI Crutches With Handgrips And Accessories

These are one of those crutches that would provide you with every feature that is possible for a crutch to offer you, making it one of the best crutches available in the market. They are made up of aluminum and are quite durable as they would support your weight up to 250 pounds.

They are made for long-term use, especially for people who are recovering from any major surgery like knee surgery. It provides various features such as comfortable pads, handgrips, and, most importantly, slip-resistant tips.

The tips placed at the bottom of the crutches make it resistant to slip even on rough or wet surfaces containing sand or gravel. Therefore, you can be free of the thought that if you use crutches, you won’t be able to enjoy the outdoors.

Moreover, you can adjust the height of the crutch between 44 inches to 52 inches as per your comfort level. In addition to it, the foam pads at the top of the crutch would make sure that you don’t face any trouble while using them.


  • Best-suited for long term use
  • Adjustable height
  • Prevents from slipping and falling


  • You can’t fold or carry it
  • Not for short-term use

What To Look For Before Buying Crutches For Knee Surgery?

After going through some of the best crutches for knee injury and surgery, the most challenging task is to identify the one that would fit in with your requirement.

Therefore, to help you select the best knee crutch, we have listed below some points that you should keep in mind before you finalize any one of them.

1. Type

The following are the five primary types of crutches that are used by people all around the world, along with their advantages.

  • Forearm Crutches: If you need crutches for long-term use, you should opt for forearm crutches as they offer more mobility and provide more upper body strength, especially on rough terrain.
  • Underarm Crutches: They are best suited for someone suffering from a leg injury and who needs to prevent their weight from slumping on their legs. However, they can make your underarms feel sore due to the constant pressure.
  • Bariatric Crutches: They are specially designed for people who have a heavy weight. They are made up of steel that makes them highly durable and allows them to offer a great amount of support.
  • Platform Crutches: If you want to keep your weight off your leg to reduce the pain but struggle with grip, you should choose platform crutches. These crutches offer underarm pads along with adjustable handgrips to prevent any injury.
  • Hands-Free Crutches: If you wish to work and use your hands despite having a leg or knee injury, you should use hands-free crutches. They provide padded support along with an additional metal leg that increases with the weight capacity.

2. Weight Capacity And Balance Capacity

A good crutch is one that is sturdy enough to support and successfully balance your complete weight during the recovery process. While using a crutch, your arm, shoulders, and back should be able to carry your weight.

Crutches For Knee Surgery

You can opt for an underarm crutch if you’re still learning how to use crutches as they have a high weight capacity. However, if you wish to prioritize your balance over comfort, you can opt for a hand-free crutch as it acts as a replacement for your lower leg.

3. Height Adjustment

Before you finalize buying any crutch, especially if you intend to use it for the long term, given the longer recovery period, you should check if you can adjust its height and size.

Having the option of adjusting the handle of the crutch and its height would increase your mobility. This will enable you to adjust its grip as per your convenience and the place where you plan to go.

4. Non-slip

It’s suggested that you should buy non-slip crutches, especially if you plan to buy them for an elder person. These crutches would make sure that the elderly don’t slip or fall on a wet surface, especially while going to the bathroom.

In addition to it, these crutches offer the user to walk on wet surfaces during the rainy season and act as an additional layer of safety, reducing the chance of any injury.

5. Additional Features

There is more to crutches than providing you support and increasing your mobility. Since you’ll be using them during your recovery after a surgery or injury, you should also check if you’re comfortable using them or not.

The various features, such as the presence of arm cuffs, a lock system, and the ability to absorb shock, make any crutch stand out from the rest. These small features contribute a lot to the users’ comfort and should not be ignored or left out during the selection process.

6. Price And Quality

While investing in any mobility product such as crutches and canes that have the primary purpose of providing support to the user during their recovery period, you need to take care of its quality and if it’s worth the heavy price tag.

It’s understandable for crutches that provide extra safety features to cost a bit more than traditional crutches. However, at the same time, it’s not necessary that every additional feature provided by a crutch would come in handy.

Moreover, it’s not necessary that every branded crutch would provide all the necessary features that you’re looking for. Therefore, you should opt for a crutch that you think would be best suited for you but, at the same time, falls within your budget range.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now that you’re aware of the various types of crutches available and their uses let us look at some of the FAQs that would solve your doubts about the various types of crutches and their usage.

1.    Do I Need Crutches For A Knee Injury?

You might need to use crutches for a severe knee injury, like a meniscus tear. In the case of a meniscus tear, the c-shaped cartilage or joint that acts as a shock absorber breaks or faces a tear, causing an immense amount of pain.

Also, in case of an extreme knee injury, you shouldn’t put all of your body weight on your leg or your knees at all, as it would only increase the pain. You should start using crutches if you feel like you need some additional support­ during the recovery period.

2.   Can Crutches Help Knee Pain?

Yes. Crutches help in reducing knee pain to a great extent by providing you the required support. Using crutches would help you reduce the stress on your knees and legs by supporting your weight.

In addition to it, if your doctor has advised you to use crutches for the long term, the crutch handles would provide you complete control over the crutch and your hence, body movement.

3.   How Do Use Crutches With Bad Knees?

You can use crutches with bad knees and leg injuries in a correct manner by following the steps mentioned below.

  • While Standing: Position your crutches underarm and the crutch handles along your hip. You should focus your body weight on your hands, not under the arms.
  • While Moving: Put your injured foot forward but place your body weight between the crutches. Afterward, take the step forward with your foot that is not injured.
  • While Sitting: Place your injured foot at the front and grab your crutches in one hand. With your other hand, hold your chair or seat and slowly recline on it.

4.   For How Long Do You Need To Use Crutches After A Knee Surgery?

The time till which you would be required to use crutches after a knee surgery depends on how major the surgery was. On average, you would be required to use crutches for six weeks once the surgery is completed.

However, if your doctor has advised you to use crutches for the long term, you might need to continue using them for a couple of weeks more.

Final Verdict

Crutches are one of the best support devices for someone in a recovery period after going through knee surgery. They would help in bringing back your mobility by supporting your weight and reducing the pressure on your injured knee or foot.

However, while buying the best crutches for knee surgery, you should make sure that it falls within your budget range and fulfills your requirements.

In addition to it, you should try looking for crutches that provide additional features such as ergonomic handled and handgrips with arm cuffs, rubber tips, and height adjustment, as these features result in speedy recovery by providing you with more support.

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