Best Pillow for Forward Head Posture

10 Best Pillow for Forward Head Posture in 2021

If you haven’t experienced the impossible coziness of a beautiful pillow, you are missing out a lot in terms of sound sleep. And if the amazing support of a plush pillow has never lured you into prolonging your Sunday afternoon nap, then you haven’t been pampered enough.

Now, we are going to change that in no time. We are here to introduce the best pillow for forward head posture that will leave you tempted to the limit. Read on to learn how in the world some folks never accept to leave the bed early and how come those lucky sleepers never experience neck pain. 

10 Best Pillow for Forward Head Posture

Extraordinary comfort, great breathability, and incredible neck support were all we wanted to find. And the products you are about to get familiar with have all these awesome qualities.

1. YourFacePillow – Anti Wrinkle | Anti Aging

YourFacePillow – Anti Wrinkle

We are about to introduce the best pillow for forward head posture on our list. This thing will surprise you with incredible side supports. Yes, you will find it nicely placed on both sides of the neck support. Speaking of which, the neck support has ample 7.5 inches space.

Now, the best thing about this pillow of extreme cushiness is that it is made of memory foam. And what wonders does it work? Well, it serves the main two purposes you’ve bought the pillow for. It provides outstanding comfort and brings awesome support. And at the same time, it relieves the pressure gently.

I am also excited about the cooling flow channels. If you are still harboring the habit of sweating while asleep, a remnant from your childhood days – you are going to love this feature more than anything. It keeps your head perfectly fresh and your hair glossy.

What’s also worth mentioning is the tapered front. This is the detail you will adore when you want to switch sides frequently without any disturbance. The measurement of the pillow is also perfect, be it the neck rest height or the total length. These are 4 inches and 21 inches, respectively.

However, One user thought that the pillow wouldn’t get along with the side sleepers. He was feeling suffocated using this. Another customer wasn’t convinced with the support at all. For another one, it was creating havoc on her face.


  • Incredible side supports nicely placed on both sides of the neck support
  • The neck support has ample 7.5 inches space
  • Memory foam provides outstanding comfort and awesome pressure relief
  • Cooling flow channels to prevent night sweats


  • One user thought that the pillow wouldn’t get along with the side sleepers

2. Royal Therapy Queen Memory Foam Pillow

If you are yearning for pressure relief, then we might have the perfect option for you. Check out this item that will save you the day with its incredible design. Yes, for excellent contour, support, and spine alignment, nothing can beat the ergonomic therapeutic wave shape.

What’s also wonderful is that it comes with an easily adjustable height. Did you just hear that? A pillow design cannot get any crazier, not to mention more unique! So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a side sleeper or a back one; you are going to hold onto the pillow like it’s the last thing on the green planet.

Now, let’s talk about construction for a minute. We have a bamboo fabric cover to appreciate at first. Then when you pill that delicate thing off, you have the breathable pillowcase to admire. The 3-layer memory foam core will make you keep staring, forgetting your manners.

I am also impressed with the touch of gold around the edges. It just makes the pillow a bit more gorgeous, doesn’t it? So, if you are craving for even supports throughout the head and neck, the 3 layers of the memory foam are the savior you are searching for on the horizon.

Only if one user didn’t find the pillow to slant. For another one, it just didn’t look “nice”. And for another one, there was a durability issue. Also, one customer went on complaining that the pillow couldn’t do a decent job in relieving the pressure points.

Without these drawbacks, it could’ve been a perfect rival for the YourFacePillow we’ve reviewed previously.


  • Brilliant wave shape makes it a perfect option for pressure relief
  • Excellent contour, support, and spine alignment
  • Height adjustability is unique
  • Bamboo fabric cover offers incredible comfort


  • One user found the pillow to slant

3. Milemont Memory Foam Pillow

The next item on our list has every single convenience feature you can imagine if you are looking for the best pillow for military neck. Firstly, there’s this detachable and washable pillowcase to blow you away. Then you will find the cover to be brilliantly zippered. Moreover, you can wash the cover all you want.

What’s more, the inner cover will astonish you with outrageous breathability. If you like your stuff fresh all the time, this is the feature you want. What’s also worth mentioning is the memory foam.

Now, the material already has earned its ample share of good reputation, but the manufacturers had to go extremes of lengths. Yes, I am talking about Air Cell technology. So, you haven’t known what breathability is until you crossed the path with this beautiful pillow.

I am also counting on the softness of this thing. It shouldn’t surprise you if a baby leaves the evidence of dipping his fingers on this beauty. However, it won’t take more than 5 seconds to erase the finger marks. Based on this, you can expect it to give you the correct forward head posture while sleeping.

Also, it will repel any visitor that wants to come uninvited. And the density will be on another level, thanks to the awesome tailoring. Now, as for drawbacks, I wish that one user didn’t find it flattened after a while. And that another one wasn’t upset with the gradual loss of firmness.

Moreover, one user went on describing it as “cheap”. He wasn’t looking forward to a thin and lumpy pillow.


  • Detachable and washable pillowcase for easy cleanup
  • Inner cover will astonish you with outrageous moisture-resistance
  • Memory foam comes with Air Cell technology for enhanced breathability
  • The outer cover has a good-quality zipper


  • One user found it flattened after a while

4. EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow Orthopedic Sleeping Pillow

It’s time we talked about remarkable cradling and support. Yes, the next item on the list will provide you with just that, along with other significant advantages. Now, you need to check out the bamboo fiber before anything. Why? Because we are looking for crazy breathability mingled with intense comfort, aren’t we?

Manufacturers have done an appreciable job with the choice of natural fabric in particular. And when you are presented with this material woven in that beautifully perforated design, style gets a new meaning. Also, it surpasses the territory of looks and steps into the realm of great perspiration reduction.

Another amazing feature is the high-quality zipper. And you know what, those designers are smarter than to make it visible to the style-craving eyes. Yes, it’s perfectly hidden beneath the pretty fabric.

And when it comes to gliding through the bumpy path, the zipper manages to do it without hiccups. Thus, you have the second to the best pillow for military neck before you.

You can even test the quality of the zipper by washing the cover many times in a machine; still, you will notice no hiccups. Now, the brand offers you both firm and soft options. And if you suffer from neck pain, you know that a soft pillow will be the sweetest friend.

As for drawbacks, one user wasn’t happy with the inadequacy of support. Another buyer wanted additional optional padding. Also, another one didn’t fall for the design.


  • Remarkable cradling and support
  • Bamboo fiber for crazy breathability mingled with intense comfort
  • Memory foam comes woven in a beautiful perforated design for style
  • Amazing perspiration reduction for fresh sleeping experiences


  • One user wasn’t happy with the inadequacy of support

5. Power of Nature Memory Foam Pillow for Sleeping

Power of Nature Memory Foam Pillow for Sleeping

What if we offer you a pillow that has softness, slow rebounds, comfort, and neck protection – all packed in one? Yes, the next product will serve you all the mentioned purposes along with many others.

And you need to check out the resilience it provides to know how good it will be for forward head posture sleeping position.

The choice of memory foam can never be appreciated enough. This is the material that performs magic when it comes to mind-blowing breathability. And the moisture absorption capability of such a material is well known. Moreover, you will sleep healthy since it gives a haven for bacteria.

Also, the pillow will be usable in all seasons. What’s also wonderful is that it will get along with both high and low sleepers ever so nicely. But how is that possible? Well, check out the variation in neck rest height on the two ends of the fine pillow to get rid of the confusion.

Among other features, I love the zipper. It will glide flawlessly. And the 3D mesh is another detail to be happy about. While the inner layer of the pillow provides ample support, the outer layer will be all about comfort with the mesh in place. Also, the weave pattern is no less charming.  

Now, the pillow went flat for one customer. And for another one, it wasn’t a good option for his neck pain. Also, one other buyer would’ve appreciated a bit of bounce or fluffing. And another one wanted it to be a tad longer and wider.


  • Softness, slow rebounds, comfort, and neck protection – all packed in one
  • Memory foam for mind-blowing breathability
  • Moisture absorption along with anti-bacteria property
  • Variation in neck rest height on the two ends


  • Went flat for one customer

6. Cervical Pillow Contour Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Pain

The next product on the list comes with the most innovative design. Yes, you need to take a glance at the center and cut out areas to know how it suits the forward head posture sleeping position. The former will provide great head support. And the way it conforms to the shape of your head is brilliant.

So, apply as much pressure as you have to; the comfort will be there. And the latter is designed as it is to provide you considerable pressure relief if you are a side sleeper.

What I am also ecstatic about is the incredible slow-rebound it comes with. This is due to the amazing softness of the memory foam the manufacturers have chosen for their product. Also, you need to learn about the inner cover. It’s the perfect feature as far as pillow protection is concerned.

Then I want to mention the breathability of this model. Thanks to the excellent fabric chosen, you are going to sleep fresh no matter how humid it’s out there.

Now, what’s interesting to note is that the pillow is on the moderately harder side. And it’s not a bad thing at all if you are suffering from neck pain. On the contrary, it will bring along the sought remedy to your problem. Also, it comes with a perfect slope so that your head positioning is secured.

Moreover, one user wasn’t happy with the 180-degree flipping around of the pillow for switching sleeping styles. For another one, it got flattened after only 4 months. Also, another user didn’t think of the pillow to be a good option for the side sleepers.


  • The center area provides great head support and conforms to the shape of the head
  • Excellent breathability with the inner cover
  • The cutout area offers considerable pressure relief if you are a side sleeper
  • Incredible slow-rebound due to the amazing softness of the memory foam


  • A user didn’t like the 180-degree flipping for switching sleeping styles

7. Mkicesky Neck Support Memory Foam Cervical Pillow

How about we present a forward neck posture pillow with a hole in the middle? Now, wait a moment before rushing toward an answer. This “creepy” hole is the best feature in our next unique pillow. Where’s the explanation? Here, it relieves the head pressure like nothing else.

The next awesome feature is the design especially introduced to put an end to that crazy snoring. Check out the way the pillow fits the neck and head curve before thinking that I’m losing it! And I can’t wait to tell you about another incredible detail – the extremely soft facial area.

Yes, tell me if the product isn’t unique! Also, you are going to like a washable pillowcase. It protects the amazing material inside – the infamous memory foam. And it also impresses you with slow rebounds earning a smile of pleasure from the softness-craving you.

There’s a fine cover in between the pillowcase and the memory foam. And this thing plays the most important role in making the item highly breathable. I am also counting on the variation of heights the ends of the pillow come with. 

So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a high or low sleeper. You will love your pillow.

However, one user didn’t think of the model to be perfect for side sleepers. Another one was upset with the stiffness and extra height it came with. It gave him a headache. And another buyer would’ve loved a bit more firmness on the neck support.


  • The hole in the center relieves the pressure like nothing else
  • Fits the neck and head curve nicely
  • Skin-friendliness with the extremely soft facial area
  • Washable pillowcase to protect the memory foam inside


  • One user didn’t think of the model to be perfect for side sleepers

8. SEPOVEDA Contour Memory Foam Pillow

How come a forward neck posture pillow has so many areas with all those different designs? That was the first reaction I had upon casting my glance on this item. Yes, it comes with head and neck supports for both side and back sleepers, hence the good number of areas.

Now, I am most excited about the rebound memory foam. For, this is the material that will play the greatest role – relieving the pressure. Then you should check out the inner cover. It’s not only a piece of hidden beauty but also a precious feature for resisting moisture.

Also, heat will find its way out, thanks to the dust cover. Now, what about the outer cover that will come in direct contact with the skin? Well, it too couldn’t be softer and more flexible. Therefore, you have a perfectly contoured pillow to put an end to the suffering of your aching neck muscles.

I want to talk about the right and left airway systems too. As if the breathable cotton wasn’t sufficient enough to serve the purpose, this feature had to be there to offer you intense breathability. And the center cavity will cradle your head for nice uninterrupted breathing.

However, it would’ve been more awesome if one user didn’t find it “small, hot, and weird”. And another customer couldn’t fluff it up, and the thickness was nowhere near satisfactory for her.


  • Head and neck support for both side and back sleepers
  • Rebound memory foam performs magic in relieving pressure
  • The beautiful inner cover resists moisture
  • The extremely soft and flexible outer cover


  • One user found it “small, hot, and weird”

9. BODESY Contour Memory Foam Bed Pillow for Sleeping

The last forward head posture correction pillow will take your breath away with the highly breathable beautiful fabric it comes with. So, if you are annoyed with the night sweats, this might be the option you’ve been looking for. What’s also worth mentioning is that the slow rebound will take its own sweet time.

Now, is the material health-friendly? You bet. It will be perfectly hypoallergenic to fight off any allergens. And the memory foam comes out of the factory with all the comfort to offer. Also, the pillow is nicely resistant to dust mites.

I am also happy with the breathability of this thing. And the fact that the cover is machine washable has impressed me further. It’s also important to mention that manufacturers have chosen polyurethane as the material. And it is well known to combine comfort and support in a single item. 

So, what about the firmness of the pillow? Well, it’s perfect with medium firmness so that your sore neck muscles can enjoy the luxury of a long rest. And the firmness didn’t prevent it from being moldable. So, if an easy-to-clean and breathable pillow is what you desire, you have the dream model before you.

However, one side sleeper was very uncomfortable with the pillow. For another couple with a side sleeping style, it was “too flat, low, and flimsy”. And it was too soft and thin to provide ample support – stated another unhappy buyer. On the other hand, it was too hard and also pointed for one customer. It also might not be the best bed setup for cuddling on the bed.


  • Highly breathable beautiful fabric
  • The slow rebound of the memory foam will take its own sweet time
  • Perfectly hypoallergenic to fight off any allergens
  • Medium firmness so that your sore neck muscles can enjoy some rest


  • One side sleeper was very uncomfortable with the pillow

Buying Guide for Newbies

If you want to wake up every morning with a pampered feel, then the purchase of the forward head posture correction pillow cannot go wrong. The pillow must be comfortable at first, and then it should come with health benefits. Now, are there too many things to consider?

Well, once you’ve figured out the sleeping position, nothing will keep you from the purchase. But you need to consider a few other factors so that you feel blessed afterward waking up with a satisfied body.

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Sleeping Position: The X Factor

The choice of pillow will depend on this thing. There’s no point in buying a pillow made for back sleepers and then ending up using it for your side sleeping style. For, there’s a fat chance that you are going to feel suffocated and have no one to blame but yourself. Let’s elaborate on this topic.

Back Sleeper: Nothing Beats Medium Thickness

Yes, if you are a back sleeper, it’s good news. For, you’ve just chosen by making it a tad easier. See, pillows with medium thickness are the easiest to find out there.

When the brands do not want to narrow down the number of customers they desire, they do this simple thing – they made the pillows medium-thick. Now, why will such a pillow be perfect for your particular sleeping style? It’s because of the great neck alignment it offers.

You won’t have to arch your head forward to find the comfiest position. It will align the neck on its own, leaving behind a sound sleeper in the form of you.

Side Sleeper: No Compromising with the Firmness

You don’t need me to tell you how much firmness means when you are a side sleeper. And the reason is no mystery either. You simply want to maintain correct alignment between the ears and shoulders, right? Now, if the pillow is anything but thick, you are doomed. So, don’t compromise on firmness.

iI you buy a softer pillow than we advised, you will end up having an extended neck on either side during sleep. And trust me, if you do not have a magical solution to unbearable neck pain, that’s the last thing you want.

Stomach Sleeper: No Crime in Loving the Softness

This time, you are allowed to choose a soft pillow. Though I am against this particular sleeping style for many issues, I deem it most appropriate that you buy a high quality thin pillow for you. Otherwise, it will be difficult to maintain the required neutral position of your neck.

And if you still don’t feel comfy with the extremely soft pillow, you can always use an extra one and place it under your shoulder. This way, the spine alignment can never go wrong.

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Not into Any Particular Style, Are We?

Well, I have just the perfect option for sleepers like you who find it too boring to settle down for any particular sleeping style. If you want to enjoy the comfort of every sleeping style, then a plush pillow will be the best choice for you. This way, the fill inside the pillow will move around as you keep tossing and turning.

If it’s any other type of pillow, you will find it difficult to find the correct position you are looking for. And that will eventually force you to choose a particular sleeping style, which would be a big problem for an experience-it-all type of person like you, I guess.

The Best Fill

You see, after learning about correct forward head posture while sleeping, I’ve fallen for memory foam at the end. For, it gives you the most extraordinary slow rebound that no other material can provide. Also, for breathability and support, it’s hard to find a good match.

But you can also try down pillows for fluffiness, down alternative for softness, and latex for squishiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best pillows for forward head posture:

  • How long will I have to wait before I get along with the pillow?

Sometimes, it takes as long as a week to get used to the new pillow. However, if you’ve successfully managed to buy the right one, a few moments could be all it takes.

  • Is it okay to put the pillow in my dryer?

Yes, there’s no problem in doing that. Just make sure that you’ve selected the “no heat”, “fluff”, or “air” setting if it’s a feather-filled pillow. Also, I suggest that you choose the low heat setting for any synthetic pillow.

  • How long will it take the dryer to activate the fill?

It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes; it can be done well within 10 minutes most of the time.

  • Is it okay not to use the pillow sometimes?

Yes, it’s perfectly okay to get rid of the pillow now and then. Just make sure that your head is flat so that there’s no stress on the neck. Sleeping like this is good for spine alignment. But it won’t be the most comfortable sleep for sure.

  • What makes the pillows lumpy?

It’s the moisture mostly that causes the damage to your pillow. Also, dirt and debris have their fair share in causing the effect. You will have to eliminate the dirt and moisture from the inside to be comfortable with the pillow again.

Final Words

The main thing to consider is your sleeping style and the compatibility of the pillow with it. If you’ve come across any product that has this covered, then that will be the best pillow for forward head posture. 

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